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dc.titleWolf Headdress
dcterms.abstractWolf mask, antique type, human hair trim. Purchased from Julius Carlebach 937 3rd Ave New York. Nootka. 20 ¼” long overall, inc headbow at back; mask proper is 17 ½” long, 7 ¼” high, 7 ½” wide at rear. An extraordinary specimen suggesting by its appearance and degree of finish, work of the years before and after 1800. The extreme quality of the parallel adze grooving should be noted, as well as the technic of attaching the human hair trim. From the Ratton Collection, Paris.
dcterms.extentH:18.4cm, W:19cm, L:44.5cm
dcterms.mediumHuman hair
dcterms.provenanceEMB (acquired 1882); Arthur Speyer (acquired 1936); Charles Ratton; Julius Carlebach; Denver Art Museum (acquired 1949)
dcterms.relationText Link:
dcterms.sourceDenver Art Museum (DAM)
dcterms.sourceRepository ID: 1949.3642
dcterms.spatialTsaxis / Tsax̱is (Fort Rupert) (?)
dcterms.subjectAʟanᴇm / Atłana̱m (Wolf)
dcterms.typePhysical Object
vra.culturalContext’Walasax̱a (?)
vra.culturalContextDługwala (?)
vra.collectorJ.A. Jacobsen
vra.placeOfRepositoryDenver Art Museum (DAM)
vra.exhibitedAt“Indian Art of the Northwest Coast” (DAM, 1962); “Arts of the Raven” (VAG, 1967); “Sacred Circles” (Hayward Gallery, 1976)
vra.wasPublishedDenver Art Museum 1962:81 (Pl.75); Coe 1962:no. 184; Feder and Malin 1962:Pl. 19; Wardwell 1964:33 (no. 50); Feder 1965:Color Pl. 41; Coe 1976:133; Malin 1978:Pl.19; Conn 1979:387
vra.depictedInFigure Plate Number: Pl. 36
vra.hasCultureLa’a̱laxs’a̱ndayu (?)
vra.isRelatedToResearch drawing (AMNH Z/43 R)
boas.huntsIdGH APS Notes, p. 1911 (1920s) p. 476+, pl. 36: wāᵋlā´sāxāᵋākw Big come Down wolf Dance. this Dance should have one Hundred wolf masks and one songs
art.nationalityABand: Gwita̱la (?)

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