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Title: Simple Identifier: Sea Monster Headdress
Keywords: Object Type 1: Yᴇxwᴇmł / Ya̱xwa̱mł (dance mask)
Object Type 2:
Object Type 3:
Object Type (Other):
Subject Matter Keyword 1: Maxᵋenoxᵘ/ Max̱’inux̱w (killer whale)
Subject Matter Keyword 2: Other
Subject Matter Keyword 3:
Subject Matter Keyword (Other): Sea Monster
Cultural Style 1: Kwakwᴇk·ᴇᵋwakᵘ / Kwakwa̱kạ'wakw (=Kwakiutl)
Cultural Style 2:
Cultural Style 3:
Cultural Style (Other):
Description: Colors 1: Black
Colors 2: Red
Colors 3: Green
Colors (Other): white
Repository Narrative (English): WW'S DESCRIPTIONS FROM U'MISTA DATABASE: Mechanical head dress with Sea Monster. Outer face opens to reveal a second, fishlike face (red cod?) inside. Spines (with geometric painted designs) along the back stand up when a string is pulled, and tail pivots up and back. Jaw of inner face is articulated. All four mechanical facets (spines, tail, outer face panels, and inner jaw) articulate separately. May have had side flippers/fins (now missing). FROM THE EMB CATALOGUE CARD: GEGENSTAND: Mask, whale, can be opened. NACH JACOBSEN: Large dance mask belonging to a chief, portraying a whale (totem animal); through the use of strings, the mouth can be moved in two ways, the fins on the back can be moved up and down, and the tail can be moved. Kwakiutl. BOAS: Tlaō’loxa mask. OTHER: {In pencil on reverse}: repaired and glued 10.69
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