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Title: Simple Identifier: Mask Representing Speaker (#4)
Keywords: Object Type 1: Yᴇxwᴇmł / Ya̱xwa̱mł (dance mask)
Object Type 2:
Object Type 3:
Object Type (Other):
Subject Matter Keyword 1: Bᴇgwanᴇm / Ba̱gwana̱m (man)
Subject Matter Keyword 2: Other
Subject Matter Keyword 3:
Subject Matter Keyword (Other): ʟ̣ᴇwᴇlaxa / Dła̱wa̱lax̱a (Lao''laxa) masks representing seven different speakers
Cultural Style 1: Kwakwᴇk·ᴇᵋwakᵘ / Kwakwa̱kạ'wakw (=Kwakiutl)
Cultural Style 2:
Cultural Style 3:
Cultural Style (Other):
Description: Colors 1: Black
Colors 2: White
Colors 3: White
Colors (Other):
Repository Narrative (English): WW'S DESCRIPTIONS FROM U'MISTA DATABASE: Human face mask, with smiling mouth and bite piece threaded through to front of mask. (part of a set that includes 6882-6888) FROM THE EMB CATALOGUE CARD: GEGENSTAND: Taminas (Squirrel) Nutlem dance. Kwakiutl. Fort Rupert. LEDGER: Taminas (Squirrel). Noutlemtanz of the Kwakiutl. Fort Rupert.
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