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Title: Simple Identifier: White Effigy Neckring
Keywords: Object Type 1: Neckring
Object Type 2:
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Subject Matter Keyword 1:
Subject Matter Keyword 2:
Subject Matter Keyword 3:
Subject Matter Keyword (Other): Hamats!a; Used in purification
Cultural Style 1: Kwakwᴇk·ᴇᵋwakᵘ / Kwakwa̱kạ'wakw (=Kwakiutl)
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Cultural Style 3:
Cultural Style (Other):
Description: Colors 1: White
Colors 2:
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Repository Narrative (English): qa’nēnox, used in purification cedar bark neck-ring (white) long cross piece at bottom. 2 pendants of Hamats!a case (C.F.N.) on Cannibal Society
Notes: JB's thoughts on qa’nēnox: If you look in the 1897 text for the page and line cited, this term refers to a person and not an object. I assume that it derives from the term qᴇnayo (BH) which is to a white cedar bark ring used for purification and which would seem to be the Kwak'wala term for the object in question. If the information you are working form comes from the AMNH catalogue, perhaps Boas somewhere indicated this page.line describing how the object was made and used, and someone else then misinterpreted the reference. The word might correctly be spelled qᴇᵋnenoxᵘ -- although I don't have an example to check it against. If that is so, it would mean the person who makes the rings. The 1897 text translates it as "rubber," but I think that applies to a different job in the purification sequence (GH talks about this in his mss pages 5102-5106 but does not use this word). Unless there is some other specific documentation for this piece, I would guess that the reference to B1897 is generic (i.e. "this passage describes how an object like this is used").
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