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dc.coverage.spatialSliammon village (tʼɩšosəm), British Columbia, Canada-
dc.creatorPhotographer unknown
dc.descriptionThe village of tʼɩšosəm, Tla’amin’s main community. The name tʼɩšosəm refers to “milky” water, because the water would turn milky with herring eggs during annual herring spawning. Elsie Paul’s residence is above the beach on the left-hand side of the photo.
dc.rightsCourtesy of Elsie Paul
dc.sourceCourtesy of Davis McKenzie
dc.titleSliammon Village Waterfront
dc.typeStill Image
dcterms.spatialSliammon village (tʼɩšosəm), British Columbia, Canada-
rs.tkLabelTK Attribution-
rs.tkLabelTK Outreach-
rs.tkLabelTK Non-Commercial-
rs.tkLabelTK Culturally Sensitive-
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